Gritty crowns

First let me start by saying I absolutely love how I look with my new crowns. They make my smile so much more beautiful. The only problem I have is that it feels sort of gritty when my tongue touches them and it is driving me crazy. I’m used to the smoothness of my natural teeth. Is there anything I can do about this?

Gina L.- Wisconsin


If your dentist put a glaze on your crowns, as he should have, there should not be that gritty feeling you’re describing. Porcelain crowns have a final layer baked on them that is a clear glaze and gives them a glass like finish that should feel as smooth as your natural teeth. One way to tell if this was done to your porcelain crowns is to dry the crown and try to write on it with a pencil. If you can leave a mark on your tooth, it did not get the final glaze.

Unfortunately it is too late to glaze it if that step was neglected once it has been placed. However, there are superfine diamond polishing products that can be used to make your crowns both feel and look as if they’ve been glazed. I hope this helps.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

I recently had one of my wisdom teeth removed because of a cracked filling. My dentist has suggested I have the others removed as well, kind of as a preventative. Their fillings are fine, so I’m not sure I want to do that. What do you recommend?

Francis M.- Florida


I rarely recommend an unnecessary tooth removal. If your wisdom have erupted properly, and it sounds like they have, I’d let them alone. Even if the fillings crack, there are other options. If you’ve had your fillings for a while they are probably amalgam (commonly called silver) fillings. These are mostly made of mercury, so some patients opt to have them replaced with mercury-free composite fillings. These are stronger than their amalgam counterparts and less likely to crack. This will keep you from another extraction. Not all dentists know how to do composite fillings, so you’ll want to find a qualified dentist.

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