Crowns and a Trumpet

My dentist says I need crowns on my front teeth. Will I still be able to play my trumpet?

Mark S.- Kansas City.


What a great question. The answer is yes, IF they are done properly. The thickness and position of teeth not only affect your appearance, but your speech, your ability to sing, and your ease of playing an instrument. If they are not done properly, you may have to deal with a lisping or whistling sound. It is important you have your porcelain crowns ( or even porcelain veneers) done by an expert cosmetic dentist.

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Can you use Snap on smile with missing teeth

I have about 11 missing teeth. Five are on the bottom and the rest are on the top. I can’t afford dental implants, but wondered if I could use a snap on smile? Do I have too many teeth missing? How much will it cost?



You can use Snap-On Smile with missing teeth if you have enough teeth to hold the appliance in place. It sounds like you might. The cost varies from dentist to dentist. The variations are based on how much time they spend with your smile design. I certainly wouldn’t go with the cheapest, because you want your new smile to look as beautiful as possible. Ask for pictures showing samples of their work.

This blog is brought to you by New Jersey Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Allyson Hurley.