Will insurance cover white fillings?

I was told my dental insurance doesn’t cover white fillings. I really don’t want the mercury in my mouth from the silver fillings. Is there anyway around that with my dental insurance?

Kathleen J. from Idaho


If you have dental insurance, you won’t have to pay the entire fee. How much you pay will depend on where you need the filling. If you need it on a front tooth, then your insurance will probably cover it. They consider composite fillings (white fillings) on a visible front tooth a legitimate expense. However, if it is on a back tooth, then they may only cover the amount it would have cost to get an amalgam (silver) filling. You can still get the composite filling. You would just have to pay the difference.

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Two chipped front teeth

Hi. I have two chipped front teeth. I had dental bonding on them, but now they chipped again, even a little further. My dentist is recommending four dental crowns. That seems like such an aggressive treatment to me for teeth that are otherwise healthy. What other options do you recommend, if any? Thanks for taking time out to answer my question.

Haley M. from Wyoming.


I’m a little confused why your dentist is recommending four crowns instead of two. You said you only had two chipped teeth. Is there some other pertinent information I don’t have?  If not, I’m questioning having this dentist do your treatment.

Assuming I have all the information I will say that I agree with you. Porcelain crowns are just too aggressive a treatment for healthy teeth. However, you’ve got the problem of dental bonding not working for you already. If you got more bonding on, chances are they wouldn’t last that long the second time around either. To me, it sounds like you are a great candidate for porcelain veneers. That will take off a very minimal amount of tooth structure, and they will last.

Let me give you a word of caution though. Make sure you go to an expert cosmetic dentist to have these done. With them being your front teeth, they will be a very visible part of your smile. You’ll want them to be as artistically done as possible.

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