Is the Hydrogen Peroxide I have at home safe to use for teeth whitening?

Hi. I have hydrogen peroxide at home. I am wondering if I can swish it around in my mouth and get my teeth white. – Cydnee

Cydnee – Hydrogen peroxide is safe for whitening teeth. But the liquid hydrogen peroxide in your medicine cabinet will have very little whitening effect on your teeth. Some teeth bleaching gels contain hydrogen peroxide, while others contain carbamide peroxide.

Teeth whitening gel from a dentist contains a stronger amount of the whitening agent. In addition to receiving gel from your dentist, you will receive customized teeth whitening trays. The whitening trays fit your teeth only. They are not one-size-fits-all trays that you can buy in a store, so the whitening gel is pressed against your teeth and penetrates them. You will be instructed by your dentist on how long to leave the whitening gel on your teeth.

Another advantage of getting the whitening gel from your dentist is that teeth whitening is not right for everyone. Depending on the cause of the stains in your teeth, whitening them can make stains more noticeable. In some cases, better and safer results are achieved with porcelain veneers.

Your dentist will recommend the right treatment for your case. If the right treatment is to bleach your teeth, your dentist can monitor the progress and make any needed adjustments.

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Dental implants or braces first?

I have 3 missing teeth and I also need braces. I haven’t made any appointments with dentist yet about it. I just want to know if there is a certain order that I need to do it. Braces or implants first? Thanks – Gloria


Gloria – There are some instances where teeth next to the missing ones won’t be moved with braces, in which case, the dental implants can be placed first.

But dental implants won’t move after they have been placed. If there are teeth near your missing teeth that need to be repositioned, your treatment with braces should be completed before you get the implants.

Speak with your orthodontist about which teeth will be affected by your braces and when the implants should be placed to get the best results.

This post is sponsored by New Jersey cosmetic dentist Dr. Allyson Hurley.