Bulimia and teeth

Bulimia wreaks havoc on a patient’s teeth. The stomach acid eats away at the enamel, and if these purge events are happening frequently, the enamel can be entirely dissolved away.

There is an excellent page that explains the dental and emotional complications of bulimia by a colleague of Dr. Hurley’s. Here is the link: http://www.chaldentistry.com/bulimia-and-teeth.html. Notice the photographs that show the enamel entirely gone from the insides of the upper front teeth. This is typical of the damage we see. But this also affects the appearance of the teeth from the front. Becoming thinner makes them more translucent and they begin to chip away and become shorter.

For people with eating disorders, seeing an accredited cosmetic dentist like Dr. Chal or Dr. Hurley is an excellent choice. Click here to read more about bulimia and teeth on this blog. A beautiful new smile can do wonders for helping rebuild the self-esteem of a recovered bulimic patient.

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