Snap on smile or Invisalign?

I really want to change the way my teeth look but I don’t want other people to notice that I am doing it. I was thinking about Invisalign but I recently heard about the Snap on smile which will give me the best results the fastest? – Chelsee

Chelsee – Invisalign and the Snap-On Smile are two completely different solutions.

Invisalign® is an orthodontic treatment that straightens your teeth with clear aligners that are virtually invisible. The aligners are changed every two weeks to move your teeth to a new position. Treatment time is shorter than braces, but Invisalign is a little more expensive than braces. The aligners will precisely straighten your teeth.

A Snap-On Smile is an inexpensive cosmetic treatment that is made of plastic resin. It’s a new smile that snaps right over your teeth. It doesn’t straighten your natural teeth or enhance them in any way. The new smile design is placed over your teeth, and it’s meant to be temporary or to be used on special occasions. The Snap-On Smile will wear out quickly if you wear it every day.

If you want a permanent smile makeover, Invisalign or some other form of cosmetic dentistry will help. If you want to put a new smile over your teeth for special occasions only, you may consider the Snap-On Smile. But you need to visit a cosmetic dentist first so that you will have realistic expectations for whatever treatment you choose.

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Zoom Whitening burned his lips

We just celebrated our 25th anniversary and one of the gifts I got from my husband is Zoom whitening. He got it for himself also. Last week, my husband had his Zoom appointment. When he came home his lips were burning and his teeth were really hurting bad. He said that it felt like electric shocks and although it’s better, he is still feeling some of the zinging pain today. I would like to know if this is typical for Zoom because if it is I am going to find out if I can get some other treatment to whiten my teeth instead of Zoom. – Rachel T.


Rachel – When you receive Zoom whitening, careful steps should be taken to limit your sensitivity during the treatment and to protect your lips and gums from the gel. Your husband’s lip may have come in contact with the gel, which can burn the skin.

It is common to experience some pain or sensitivity in your teeth when they are whitened. Some patients experience more sensitivity than others. Your dentist should examine your teeth to anticipate any sensitivity you might feel and adjust the intensity of the treatment accordingly. He or she may recommend that you take over-the-counter pain reliever to minimize the sensitivity in your teeth.

If you really don’t want Zoom whitening, you can speak with the dentist’s office to find out if they will substitute your gift of Zoom whitening with an alternative form of teeth whitening.

This post is sponsored by Bedminster dentist Dr. Allyson Hurley.