Will a snap on smile fit over my crooked teeth?

I have crooked teeth that I really need to hide. I am wondering if a snap on smile will fit over my crooked teeth and help them look straight. Braces take too long. I want something that will make me look better fast. Will a snap on smile work? Kloe

Kloe – A Snap-On Smile is customized to fit over your teeth. If the appliance is made to conceal crooked teeth, extra material needs to be added to make the smile straight. Unfortunately, the appliance will be noticeably bulky, and it won’t look natural.

It is unlikely that the Snap-On Smile will give you the results that you want. Other options to straighten your teeth are Invisalign invisible braces or porcelain veneers. It may take longer to correct your smile, but the correction is permanent, while a Snap-On Smile is a temporary measure, and if worn every day, it will wear out quickly.

We suggest that you find an experienced cosmetic dentist to discuss your options for treatment.

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Will Zoom get the spots out of my teeth?

My teeth are very spotty. It is a genetic disorder. My doctor doesn’t do Zoom whitening, only the take home kits. He said that he is not sure if Zoom will help the spots or not but maybe the take home kit would whiten my teeth and make the spots look lighter. He did not sound very sure. Will Zoom get the spots out of my teeth? Rebekah

Rebekah – You should have your teeth examined by an experienced cosmetic dentist, who is also experienced with the use of Zoom Whitening.

Depending on the cause of the spots, whitening your teeth can make the spots even more noticeable. A cosmetic dentist will let you know if whitening your teeth is the answer or if another cosmetic treatment, such as dental bonding or porcelain veneers, is needed to conceal the spots.

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