Zoom Whitening cracked my teeth!

I got Zoom whitening last week and now I see these fine cracks, like hairline cracks. I didn’t see them before I got Zoom and I wish I had known about this side effect before I got my teeth whitened. I am wondering if this is a common and known problem that is not talked about. Are hairline cracks common? Do you have patients that have reported this issue? Is it the light or the strong bleaching gel that causes these small cracks in the teeth for some patients? I am also wondering if the cracks will get worse. Thanks. Joelle

Joelle – Neither Zoom bleaching gel nor the Zoom acceleration light cause teeth to crack. The treatment breaks down stains in your teeth, but it doesn’t cause fractures.

Tiny surface cracks in teeth are common, and whitening your teeth can make them more noticeable. These cracks, or craze lines, affect only the enamel of your teeth. They do not extend into the dentin (layer beneath the enamel), and they are harmless and painless.

Craze lines can occur from stress on a tooth—trauma, teeth, grinding, nail biting, or biting on hard surfaces can cause the lines. Noticeable craze lines can be concealed by an experienced cosmetic dentist. You can ask your dentist to examine your teeth and the craze lines. You may choose to have them concealed with dental bonding.

If you experience pain in a tooth that has a craze line, or that is cracked, schedule an appointment with your dentist right away.

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Should I schedule a pediatric dentist’s appt. if my son’s tooth came out early?

My 7 yr old had a tooth that seemed to be getting only slightly loose but yesterday after he bit into an apple, he squealed. My husband looked at the tooth and it was hanging by a thread, so he quickly yanked it out. The tooth was bleeding a bit, too. My husband thinks that everything is fine. I was concerned because our son felt a little pain in his gums. This all happened yesterday, and it is still a little sore. I am concerned that the tooth came out so soon. Do I need to schedule an appointment to have his pediatric dentist look at it, or is this all normal? Monae

Monae – The ligaments of the tooth were probably stretched. Biting force can cause stretched ligaments to snap, so when your son bit the apple, the tooth dislodged.

What you have described is normal. It’s possible that some of the tissue around the tooth was traumatized, and your son is still feeling a little pain from it. If the pain does not decrease over the weekend, it will be best to have your son’s dentist examine the gum tissue around the missing tooth.

In rare cases, some damage may be caused when a loose tooth is unexpectedly forced out. Although the gums may look okay, an appointment to a dentist is a good precaution. Even if there is no problem, it will relieve your concern to have it checked by your son’s dentist.

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