Will a Snap-On Smile make my teeth look longer?

Will a Snap On Smile make my teeth look longer? They are really, really short. I am so is self-conscious about them the older I get. I just graduated from Rutgers with my MBA and I don’t want my teeth to prevent me on getting the kind of job I want. On my father’s side of the family, at least 4 people have short teeth, so it must be genetic. If a Snap-On Smile will work, I would like to order 2 of them so I can wear it every day.  Thanks. Amber


A Snap-On Smile fits over your natural teeth, and it can make them look longer, but the results won’t look natural. The appliance can also make your teeth look bulky. It’s not meant to be worn every day, so it wear out in a few months and need to be replaced. Replacing a Snap-On Smile every four months or so can really get expensive.

A cosmetic dentist can lengthen your teeth. Your teeth will need to be examined first though.

Alternatives to a Snap-On Smile for Short Teeth

An experienced cosmetic will recommend treatment options.

  • If you have excessive gum tissue, it can be removed, which will make her teeth look long.
  • Porcelain veneers can be used to lengthen your teeth. The ultra-thin veneers are bonded to the front of the teeth.
  • Direct dental bonding can be applied to your teeth. The bonding will be shaped, hardened, and polished. This should only be done by an expert cosmetic dentist.

You should find an accredited cosmetic dentist to get beautiful, natural-looking results.

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Will Zoom whitening help my dental bonding?

Will Zoom whitening help the dental bonding I’ve had about 16 years? The bonded teeth are showing their age now, so they look dull and stained. I am wondering if I can save some money by getting teeth whitening treatment for the bonding, instead of having the bonding replaced. Will Zoom help? Thanks Jena

Jena – Zoom will make your teeth super bright, but it won’t help the bonding. Any type of Teeth whitening will only affect your natural teeth, but not the dental bonding.

If You Try to Use Zoom to Whiten Your Bonding

Your super-white teeth will make the aging bonding even more noticeable. If the stains on the bonding are external, an expert cosmetic dentist might be able to polish the bonding and remove the discoloration. Otherwise, the bonding needs to be replaced.

If you’re on a budget, don’t shop around for the cheapest price for polishing or replacing your bonding. It’s best to wait until you can afford an artistic cosmetic dentist to do the work, so that your smile can be beautifully restored. The person who polishes and cleans your teeth must be trained in how to care for bonding—even if you receive new bonding. If the wrong techniques or tools are used, your bonding can crack and stain.

We suggest that you schedule consultations with at least two cosmetic dentists to discuss your options.

This post is sponsored by Chatham, NJ dentist Dr. Allyson Hurley.