How long will a snap on smile last if I buy it online?

I am not trying to get the cheapest thing out there but I do save money where I can. There are a variety of snap on smiles online. Or it seems they are at least the same concept as a snap on smile. How long can I expect one of those to last vs. one from a dentist? Thx. Jeff

Jeff – We can’t speak for the quality of an appliance that is similar to the Snap-On Smile if it is purchased online.

We can let you know what you need to be aware of. When you receive the appliance from a dentist, it is made of high-quality dental resin. It is safe for use in your mouth.

The Snap-On Smile is custom made, based on impressions of your mouth and teeth that are taken at a dental office. The impressions are accurate and result in an appliance that fits well—not one that is too large or too small.

When the appliance is ready, your dentist will ensure a proper fit. The top of the Snap-On Smile can be professionally trimmed at the gumline to help it look more natural. Or if needed, the appliance will be returned to the lab and remade.

The things we mentioned above aren’t likely to happen with an appliance that you purchase online. The quality of the material, along with the quality of the measures taken to give you the best fit and most natural-looking results are in question.

Compare the features, process, and warranty for the appliances you are considering before you make a final decision.

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Will porcelain veneers or teeth whitening make fluorosis stains look better?

Can you give me some advice on whether porcelain veneers or teeth whitening will work best on fluorosis stains?  I’ve had them on my teeth since I was about 10 years old. My mom and dad wanted to wait to see if I grew out of the stains. I’m 38 now and the spots are still there and they’re dark brown, too. They don’t look any better to me now that I’m older. I see some people looking at my teeth trying to figure out what’s going on with them. It’s embarrassing. I’m trying to figure out the best way to get rid of the stains without going broke trying to do it. I’m thinking that teeth whitening is probably the cheapest way to go but I also want to be sure that it will work. Thanks. Sandi

Sandi – A note for our readers – When too much fluoride is consumed while teeth are forming, fluorosis stains occur. Some communities have drinking water in which there is naturally too much fluoride. If some of the fluoride isn’t removed fluorosis occurs. It’s also caused by taking fluoride supplements when they are not needed and swallowing too much fluoridated toothpaste.

Fluorosis stains on teeth are best treated by a cosmetic dentist with experience in treating them. Depending on the color and extent of the stains, there are different methods for treating them. Getting your teeth whitened is not necessarily the best choice.

Dental Bonding for Limited Stains

You mentioned that you have dark brown spots on your teeth. Porcelain veneers might not be necessary. Depending on how extensive the stains are, they can be covered with dental bonding. The bonding will cover the affected spots. An experienced cosmetic dentist will ensure that the bonding matches the color and translucency of your natural teeth, and people won’t be able to tell that you ever had the stains.

Porcelain Veneers for Extensive Stains

If the spotting covers a large area of the teeth, it is best covered with porcelain veneers. Again, to effectively cover the teeth and create a natural look, find a cosmetic dentist who is experienced with porcelain veneers. Care must be taken to ensure the veneers have translucence but still conceal the stains. Few dentists have the skill and artistic eye to accomplish this.

Treating Yellow Stains

When stains are yellow in color, the cause is unlikely to be fluorosis, and teeth whitening can be used first to try to remove them. Dark stains will only become more noticeable with teeth bleaching, which uniformly whitens teeth, instead of whitening only the dark spots.

We highly recommend that you schedule an appointment with an accredited cosmetic dentist to discuss your options.

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